Following list presents Frequently Asked Questions and their answers:

What is mean 'Unable to get access password' at first startup?
A: Very likely this is problem with running a BOINC client on your device. An Access password is access password for a BOINC client. BOINC always holds password and NativeBOINC read this password to access to a client. No access password mean, that a BOINC was not ran (very likely at first startup) or access password has been lost (at further startup trials). In the most cases, this is problem with BOINC client. In some cases, this is problem a random number generator (at first startup), however is not likely.

I attached to new project. However, In a BOINC logs, I see message 'This project doesn't support computers of type amr-android-linux-gnu'. How to install app binaries?
Please use 'NativeClient->Update binaries'. This option allow to update and install lost binaries. Finally, you can reattach to project or install binaries from SDCard (NativeClient->Update from SDCard). I recommended to reinstall an app binaries when BOINC client is not works (should be shut down before).

BOINC client lost one of a project, however in 'Project list' a missing project doesn't exists. How to fix it?
Option 'NativeClient->Delete app binaries' uninstalls a project binaries. After an uninstalling, reattach will be possible.

I was trying to install a BOINC client in SDCard memory, but it doesnt work. I have Android 2.2 version.
NativeBOINC uses special libexecwrapper, which allow to 'run' BOINC on the SDCard (it uses hack to do it). This library is loaded via LD_PRELOAD mechanism, which is not supported by Android 2.2.

Q: I can't login in World Community Grid with using 'Use account' option. How to attach to project (in native client and remote client)?
Please enter in email address field your username instead email address. Should work.

Q: During the a first attaching to the project, I observed unexpected long delays (while a BOINC communicates with server). What happens?
A BOINC client also downloads a project list from Very likely, a server doesnt works and BOINC awaits for response. Please be patient, a BOINC needs few minutes to abort obsolete communication.

Why BOINC client stops working, when I lock screen?
This normal behaviour of a smartphones and the Android. When you lock screen, a CPU automatically enters to sleep mode and suspends computations (or slowdowns). This behaviour can't be controlled by normal Android applications. You can use Screen Lock built in NativeBOINC (widget->screen lock button).

My tasks of The SkyNet POGS or SETI@Hone returns Computation errors (SIGILL) on the my old smartphone. What is reason of this errors?
SkyNet POGS binaries needs ARMv7 CPU. SETI@Home needs ARMv6 with VFP extensions (with FPU). Very likely, your CPU doesnt have needed CPU features.

I have NativeBOINC older than I can't shutdown a BOINC client by Shutdown option. Can I kill a BOINC client?
Yes. A NativeBOINC kills zombies and other processes at startup. To force this behaviour please use 'Force stop' option (in a system Application properties screen) and rerun NativeBOINC. A lost BOINC client and their apps will be killed.

Why can I not compute for other project not listed in a first project's list?
NativeBOINC works on a ARM processors and needs special an app binaries to compute. The most projects doesn't support ARM architecture and can't provide needed applications for your smartphone.

Can I connect NativeBOINC via BOINC Manager or other NativeBOINC? Can I add project via manager on other device?
Yes. NativeBOINC cooperates with BOINC client and listens it messages via ClientMonitor mechanism. When a project will be attached, a NativeBOINC will receives this message and try to install a project binaries from my server.

I uninstalled NativeBOINC when a BOINC client works. What now? Do I have to restart smartphone?
In the most cases No. But check, whether is a BOINC works. A BOINC client is protected against these circumstances and automatically exits when parent process doesnt exists.

Can I run NativeBOINC on the devices with x86 processors?
Currently, No. The x86 arch is not supported. Will be supported in the future (maybe).